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Business Solutions for small and medium sized businesses    


​For over 27 years Accu-Books, Inc. has provided accounting, payroll and income tax services to small and medium sized businesses. We help business owners and individuals achieve their fina​ncial goals, meet their filing deadlines and stay in compliance with all government regulations.  We assist taxpayers with audits, tax collections, tax settlements, offers in compromise, lien removal and compliance issues.

How qualified is your tax preparer?

Here are a few things you should consider when choosing your tax preparer:

  • Are they an Enrolled Agent?  (highest credential the IRS awards, subject to testing and continuing education requirements of 72 hours over a 3 year period)
  • Are they qualified through experience, education, or licensing to prepare tax returns?
  • Do they have over 10 years experience preparing taxes?
  • Does the same person prepare your taxes every year?
  • Did they take more than one of those 2 week evening courses you see advertised to become a tax preparer?
  • Do they keep up with the ever changing tax laws by taking continuing education classes?
  • Is their office open all year round in case you have questions or need a copy of your return?
  • Do they provide you with a price up front or over the phone?
  • Are they members in good standing in organizations such as Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Angie's List, Professional Organizations (for example NAEA), etc.?
  • Most importantly:  When you ask someone to prepare your taxes you are giving up all your personal information - Name, Social Security Number, address, family member's names and Social Security Numbers, place of employment, banking information, etc.  Can you trust your preparer with this information?

If the answer is yes to all or most of these questions you can be assured that you have a great tax preparer.  You can also google to see if there are any complaints about your tax preparer by typing the name of the firm or franchise followed by the word 'complaints' to see what experiences others have had. 

At Accu-Books the answer is yes to each question.